My name is Randy Gates and I 'officially' began my Real Estate career in 2002. Raised in the business by two loving parents with over 45 combined years of Real Estate experience. I attended Adrian College to help further my education and upon graduation obtained my Real Estate License in 2002.

My approach is simple, education. I grew up wanting to be more than just a "salesman" and instead hoped to advise and coach home sellers and buyers through the many advantages and obsticles one can face throughout the home sale process. Having procured and attended more than 135 closings and counting since 2010, Real Estate has become more than just my career, but part of who I am.
The art of the 'sale' and negotiation comes down to having experience and a vast knowledge of the subject at hand. For me, that subject is Real Estate. I strive daily to learn and retain more than my peers in all areas of the Real Estate transaction.  Never pushy and always communicating my past experiences to my current Client's, I follow a principled business model.

To help give an idea of who I am both personally and professionally, I've listed some of the more important principles below:

- Teach my Client's what I know.
- Assist throughout the entire transaction, and forever after.
- Always think two and three steps ahead, avoiding these types of statements: "I didn't see that coming",   "How could that have been overlooked?", and "I wish I would have known that".
- Become your "Go To Guy" in all maters of real estate, for life.

I'm hopeful to one day exceed your expectations as to what a Real Estate Professional can mean to you and your loved ones.

Many Blessings,